Bergen Art Book Fair goes online – & offline – between November 2020 and May 2021!

We welcome you to a different form of an art book fair. When choosing to move the fair more online, instead of cancelling or postponing, we wanted to explore "what is a digital art book fair?".

Because of the inherent physicality of art book fairs, the answer to the question is not obvious. The social aspect of the fair and the tactility of the books might not have a digital equivalent.

And our answer is not definite by the launch in November. The digital fair will continue to grow over the next couple of months ahead. With more program, more exhibitors and more ways to explore artists' books. We hope to getting closer to something that might resemble the art book fair vibe, and also enrich the future versions of Bergen Art Book Fair.

We hope you will follow the expansion of fair from November till May 2021.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Norsk Kulturråd and Fritt Ord for granting us the extra funding needed to develop this digital version of the fair, and our deepest gratitude for all the hard work and love our programmer and designer (and former volunteer at the fair) Magnus Nyquist has put into making this wonderful online space for Bergen Art Book Fair!

Bergen Art Book Fair is an international art book and self-publishing festival in Norway. The fair showcase local, national and international artists and small press publishers.

The fair is organized by Pamflett.
Pamflett is a artist run self-publishing workshop and mediator of artist’s books, which run residencies, book launches, exhibitions and workshops. Pamflett is also part of the art shop Kiosken. Pamflett collaborate frequently with other initiatives, locally and internationally.

Ann-Kristin Stølan

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