Window art by Espen Friberg and Marianne Arnesen. Photos by Johanne Karlsrud

The featured artists all have in common a hand-made approach to their work in drawing, illustration, photography and graphic. Over two hundred artists have contributed to the growing list of Nieves Zines, it includes publications by Maren Karlson, Ari Marcopoulos, Stefan Marx, Allison Schulnik, Marcel Dzama, Chris Johanson, Laura Owens, Ken Kagami, Mike Mills, Son Ni, Aurel Schmidt, Harmony Korine, Masanao Hirayama, Miranda July, and many more. The zines are published sporadically in an edition of 100 copies, distributed to a handful of bookshops worldwide and quickly becoming collectibles. Nieves publications have been exhibited at Kunsthalle Zürich, Kunstverein Hamburg, Art Metropole in Toronto, Printed Matter and Swiss Institute in New York and Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris.

New publication launching April 24 at Northing Space
More Free Gifts by Espen Friberg and Marianne Røthe Arnesen
By Pamflett

Northing is a multi-functional space with a focus on publication, design, music, cultural events and cross-cultural communication, dedicated to promoting East Asian culture among artists and designers to Norway and the other way round. Northing resides next to Litteraturhuset and Colonialen, in Østre Skostrædet 10.

Nieves is also a newly added exhibitor at Bergen Art Book Fair 8, with these titles available to purchase in Bergen:

Caro Niederer • Round Midnight
By Nieves
Emma Kunz • Penta
By Nieves
Ronan Bouroullec • Crayon-Pinceau
By Nieves
Shara Hughes • Portraits
By Nieves
Stefan Marx • Max, Maria, Andi & Co.
By Nieves

Exhibition is open March 20–May 8. Opening hours are Wednesday–Saturday 11–16.