Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen is a filmmaker and artists book artist based in Bergen. In 2020 he published ATOMVINTER, the final installment of his artists book trilogy named THE KRATON TRILOGY (DEVONSK FEBERTOKT 2018, FERDSSKRIVEREN 2016). THE KRATON TRILOGY is a poetic science fiction approach to lost expedition diaries of the late 1800s early 1900s.

Waaktaar Forlag

Waaktaar forlag (working title) is an independent writing group based in Bergen, Norway, composed of Tanja Silvestrini, Silje Waaktaar Åsheim and Kim Hankyul. Waaktaar Forlag has been experimenting with the diverse format of constructing and showing texts in different physical shapes, volumes and authorship through the collective practice of writing and composing books. Anonymous essay building and auto-poetry writing, time-based writing have been tried out until now, presented in 3 different books ‘Tusjen’, ‘Blue Chocolate Finger Club’ and ‘Who is Waaktaar?’

Andersens forlag

Andersens forlag is a Bergen based independent children's book publisher. It was founded in 2017 by Kasia Tykocka with the help of her boyfriend, an adopted dog and a mouse from the laundry room. The goal is to promote in Norway worldwide renowned book illustrators.


speakerspeaker is a platform for experimental writing, critical dialogue, conversation, spoken word and sound art works. Each issue of speakerspeaker forms in two parts: a printed journal and a podcast. Each issue approaches a different theme through a collection of different voices. Combining emerging and unpublished writers alongside established and published writers, speakerspeaker seeks to gain a multiplicity of view points, thoughts and approaches to writing. Texts include a wide range of genres, from poetry to essay, graphic texts to manifestos, fiction to observational writing, scripts to scores. Each podcast contains an interview or conversation around the topic of the journal, and the inclusion of spoken word and sound art works from both emerging and established artists and musicians. for questions and inquiries, or if you would like to contribute to speakerspeaker with text or sound contact

Træsh Forlag

Træsh Forlag, aka Træsh Pubilcations, is a comic book publisher based in Trondheim, Norway. Træsh publications consists of Zarina Saidova and Ingrid Blix Dyrseth; Ingrid works as a freelance illustrator and is studying front-end development, and Zarina works as a full time illustrator at Skogen design agency. They met at Kristiania University College while studying illustration, and instantly became friends. The idea of starting a comic publishers was born two years later while eating a burger on a cold winter evening. On the name of their publishing company, Zarina and Ingrid state; “Træsh feels relaxed and not too serious. We wanted to have the Norwegian letter æ in the name, even though trash is an English word. We cherish Norwegian comics and want to give that nod to Norway“.

Cecilie M Barstad/Ansten Press

Ansten Press is a newly-established, independent art book publisher. We aim to achieve high professional quality across the board – from idea and concept development to text integrity, design, and production. Our publications will be printed and bound by Norwegian printers and craft specialists. The team behind Ansten Press has produced many art books in close collaboration with artists and authors, and at the request of galleries and museums. Rear Window / Vinduet mot bakgården is the new publisher’s first book. Editor & Designer 
 Art book publisher Ansten Press was established by Nina Ansten. She has many years’ experience in art education, design, and communication services for the art field. As designer, project leader, and editor she has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the various phases of book production, and built up a network of highly proficient collaborators. Ansten studied visual communication and design at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London. She has worked on commission for, among others, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Equinor Art Collection, Munch Museum, National Museum, Stavanger Art Museum, Thomas Tallis School London and Vestfossen Art Centre. Author & Illustrator of the book Rear Window / Vinduet mot bakgården Cecilie Maurud Barstad is half of the French-Norwegian illustration duo Gilles & Cecilie Studio. Barstad works in, among other media, wall painting, environmental design, textile print, as well as illustrations for books and magazines. She regularly holds lectures and workshops, and has held several exhibitions. Maurud Barstad studied visual communication and illustration at Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, and leadership and innovation at Handelshøyskolen BI. She has worked on commission for, among others, Moleskine, Nissan,Norwegian Air, Oslo Red Cross, Paul Smith, The Guardian, Thomas Tallis School London, and UNICEF. [ We areworking on the content for This will be published before 15.11.2020]

Andrea Grundt Johns

I seek to disrupt our visually saturated everyday, fearing that it makes us blind and insensitive. Trying to trigger the viewers imagination and attention, I search for new ways of seeing – seeing with other senses. With a background in photography, my work centres thematically around questions of perception and awareness. Through philosophical, historical and scientific sources on sight and perception I work in the intersection between the conceptual and bodily experience. Through emptiness and reflection, flux and fixation, as well as sight in relation to other senses I look closer at simple and often forgotten objects and gestures of the everyday that have become invisible in their familiarity. I mainly work with artist books and installations. The results are often empty, believing that emptiness is full of potential. Artist books most important qualityfor me, is the direct and intimate contact it creates between the art work and the reader. The fact that it has to be experience through our fingers. My books are mainly handmade unique works. I print and bind them myself. The books often have astrong sculptural quality, and try to stretch the traditional concepts of what a book is. Paper is one of my most important materials. Paper is the direct contact between artwork and reader. It forces us to experience not only with our eyes, but also with our fingers and skin. This is the most important of our senses, but most often ignored in our everyday surroundings. Paper forms and leads the experience. It can at the same time convey fragility, strength and sensuality. I also work with publishers creating more traditional projects like «Filicology – Angle 20» with Multipress Forlag (2017) and «Five captions of images missing from family albums» with HEAVY Books (2014). During BABF8 I'm presenting my latest project together with newer and older projects**

Forloren Forlag

Forloren er et uavhengig forlag som jobber med publisering i alle former. Vi jobber med tverrfaglige prosjekter, gjerne en kombinasjon av fotografi, illustrasjon og tekst. Forloren produserer zines, kunstnerbøker og trykksaker, gjerne i tett samarbeid med andre. – Vi tar også designoppdrag; alt innenfor bøker og publisering. Si hei om du ønsker å ha oss med på ditt neste prosjekt!


Åsne Hagen is based in Bergen and has published the zine Konstruksjon since the early 2000s. She enjoys both old school cut & paste zines with band stories and travelogues, quirky personal zines and more graphically oriented work exploring the print medium. She works mostly with prose and photography. For BABF8, she brings an anthology called PAUSE with material from 18 additional contributors, as well as two new issues of Konstruksjon.

Luke Drozd

Luke Drozd is an artist, illustrator and cultural producer from the UK, and based in Bergen, Norway since March 2020. His artwork takes a variety of forms, including writing, performance and sculpture. He studied BA Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK and Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London UK. Between 2010-18 he founded and curated the experimental artist project space 38b in London UK.

Mellom Press

Mellom Press is a devoted platform to multilingual visual poetry — publishing small publications and artists’ books, exploring poetry, language and communication through fusing and layering of images and words. Mellom, meaning between in Norwegian, represents the core value of the press, which is code - switching between languages. Visual poetry invites a concurrent reading of visual and auditory cues, materiality and context, and relies less on linguistic meaning; creating a space for different languages to be presented and shared, and for the untranslatable to be understood. Mellom Press endeavours to spread the idea of code -switching and our passion for languages and we regularly host online group exhibitions. To view our previous exhibitions please visit ourwebsite. Website: Instagram: @mellompress Twitter: @MellomPress


RisooPrint is a riso studio based in the woods of Värmland, Sweden. Located in a old school building we aim to create a place of creativity away from the city buzz. Taking in mostly artistic commission we try to focus on experimental side of riso printing, pushing the technic forward. We have published some limited edition of small books and fanzines. We also arrange workshops and in the future we hope to be open for shorter Residence programs.