14:00—16:00 Kaffetrykkeri

Café at Rogaland kunstsenter – follow covid-19 instructions/restrictions (updates will be made)

A small excerpt exhibition of books from this years Bergen Art Book Fair exhibitors


Program will be streamed here live and on Facebook.

16:00 Bergen Art Book Fair

Presentation by Ann-Kristin Stølan, on BABF and this years process of making a fair during a pandemic.

16:30 Hackers & Designers

Live from Amsterdam. A non-profit workshop initiative with a focus on technology, design and art, and exchange between the disciplines. Hackers & Designers will talk about their projects during their summer school initiative and their publications that come out of these projects.

18:00 From the collection: Geir Haraldseth

Geir Haraldseth presents the art book library at Rogaland kunstsenter and new record label NuTroll.

Hackers & Designers (NL)


Hackers & Designers is a non-profit workshop initiative with a focus on technology, design and art, and exchange between the disciplines. By creating shared moments of hands-on learning H&D stimulates transdisciplinary collaboration, technological literacy and critical citizenship.

H&D workshops are occasions to discuss and question proprietary software and closed systems. While collectively imagining alternative socio-technological futures, the work of H&D goes hand in hand with building actual tools, which we document and publish for others to use and appropriate. H&D's tool-building practice is informed by a legacy of practitioners in and around the field of design, art and technological production who are blurring the lines between using andmaking tools, for instance by taking on the task of building and maintaining tools themselves, as well as creating communities around these tool-building practices.

Geir Haraldseth (NO)

Geir Haraldseth is a curator and writer, who lives and works in Oslo. Currently working as a curator at Nasjonalmuseet, and former director of Rogaland Kunstsenter. When working at Rogaland Kunstsenter he build an art book library based on his own collection at the Kunstsenter, which has a wide range of special editions and exhibition catalogs from around the globe as well as an extensive selection of art theory, artist monographs and journals. Geir Haraldseth has also published texts, books and will also present his new record label NuTroll.