Every Boy Deserves Fudge (Issue Press)

Available: 31.12.2021

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge is the culmination of a multi-year exploration of color, psychedelia and storytelling. Through found text and subtle clues of the passage of time, loose narratives reveal themselves in this hallucinatory day trip from inner-city to a country cabin. A journey from the pleasures of the material world into the mysterious richness of the human psyche. By working mainly in fluorescent inks, Hickson attempts to create imagery that is simultaneously familiar, inviting and disorienting.

Book Launch: MOLAF Circumflexions

Available: 31.12.2021

A presentation og the Museum of Longing and Failure and their artist book MOLAF Circumflexions, that was produced and published through the Pamflett Publications programme in 2021.

Constructs (Heavy Books)

Available: 31.12.2021

Postmodern theory often discusses the arrangement of words into sentences or phrases as “constructs”. Hence, to deconstruct language meant to discover the images or emotions that lie behind the words, words are representations of images. In this vein, photography was seen as a language signifying various meanings. In the case of this book by Swedish photographer Carl Ander (b. 1991), I find it more useful to discuss photography within the domain of construction work. Constructions describe the work involved in building something (‘he works in construction’) or the actual structure of a building (‘the house is a brick and mortar construction’). Indeed, the main narrative of this book is a series of images documenting construction sites and urban infrastructures. As the series progresses, some details emerge whereas others are omitted. Movement and space are at once static and elastic.

Website Walkthrough with Fredrik and Ingrid

It me (Hverdag Books)

Available: 31.12.2021

Made on the occasion of a solo exhibition by Jessica Williams at Studio 17 in Stavanger. Each publication has slick PVC covers and a custom peg binding assembled by the artist.
When we go online, what are we looking for? For many of us in the developed world, it's the dangling carrot of ourselves, of course.
10 years worth of screenshots are remixed into a dizzying experience not unlike a late night internet binge.

Sigla - Binda

Available: 31.12.2021

The terms binda and sigla – which we have chosen as the title for our project, are two of many common words between Norwegian and Icelandic. They have both concrete and abstract meanings related to our existence , to the sea that binds us together, to our artistic practice between tradition and innovation and to the historical ties between our nations.

These Days (Corners)

Available: 31.12.2021

“Stay home, or go out for a walk. That’s what've mostly been doing during in Pandemic. While walking around I've discovered something unordinary scenes and recorded them in this book.” (Artist: Yeji Yun)

Atomvinter (Anders Elsrud Hultgreen)

Available: -31.12.2021

The final installment of the artists book trilogy «THE KRATON TRILOGY»
With a cinematic storytelling language where the landscape photos has equal importance to the word «ATOMVINTER» forces you through a beautiful frostbitten winter world contaminated with radioactivity.

Book Launch: More Free Gifts

Available: 31.12.2021

Espen Friberg and Marianne Røthe Arnesen talks about their projects and the newly published zine More Free Gifts (Nieves/Northing/Pamflett)

Can You Make The Band Name Bigger? – The Poster Art of Luke Drozd

Available: 31.12.2021

Can You Make The Band Name Bigger? is a book filled with 15 years worth of my poster work for the music industry. It features a foreword by the amazing comedian Stew art Lee, an intro by poster hero Jay Ryan, and insights into the work from both myself and bands and musicians I've worked with, including Will Oldham / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Adam Buxton, Shirley Collins and more.

Who is Waaktaar? (Waaktaar)

Available: 31.12.2021

'Who is Waaktaar' is half auto-biographic, half-fictional poetry collection of Silje Waaktaar Åsheim, Tanja Silvestrini and Kim Waaktaar Pink, which is written in complete anonymousness of authors within the text.

Presentation: Knust/Extrapool

Available: –31.12.2021

Knust is the name of the graphic space in artist-run-organisation Extrapool, Nijmegen NL. Knust has been highly specialized in the stencilprinting technique and started in 1984 with Roneo’s and nowadays Riso and Ricoh machines; A3/A2 with 50 different color drums. Knust prints and makes books, posters, (maga)zines and much more in residency, DIY or commissioned. In January 2015 Knust opened a DIY print workspace at AGA LAB in Amsterdam run by volunteers.